My story

I'm Claudia Berro and I’m a home personal shopper. I help people who want to make their home beautiful find the perfect items.

I have been eagerly flipping through home décor magazines since I was a child and I often find myself fascinated by unusual details. An unconventional lamp, a distinctively shaped vase, you name it!

I love anything that embellishes the house, making it a unique and exclusive place.

Using imaginary scissors I make accessory, object and fabric collages, eventually piecing together wonderful places to live….

Thus a one-of-a-kind sculpture ends up brightening an empty corner and a dull wall comes to life thanks to the right picture.

Details reveal style and personality. When it comes to home décor, as in fashion, accessories make the difference and say a lot about who lives in the house.

My mission

For years now my passion has been fuelled by the unique opportunities offered by my job as a consultant in the luxury home décor market.

Working alongside architects and interior designers in pursuit of Italian furniture, I have the privilege of walking into beautiful houses, visiting showrooms and art galleries, attending events, as well as to come across unusual and original items.

It is through such a varied experience that I have come into contact with a public of international, detail-oriented beauty lovers, eager to take some Italian beauty and talent back home with them.

Hence the idea of setting up…


a personal quest for Italian excellence

a sensitive selection of artists, artisans and exclusive brands

a wish-list of items and experiences


In short, a distinguished collection of creative ideas to draw from

aimed at turning your own place into your Home.

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