Decorate the house with style
Details that make the difference
Made in Italy excellence
Quality and tradition
Design, art and handicraft
A unique touch for the interiors

The space becomes Home.

Bechome explores interior decor world to discover excellence.

It’s a guide about made in Italy design, handicraft and art.

Bechome leads your search and selection of accessories and furnishings.


I’m Claudia Berro and I’m a home personal shopper.

I help people who want to make their home beautiful find the perfect items.

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Artworks and furnishings

From Morandi’s house to our homes. The objects of the painter’s studio are reinterpreted and offered in the atmosphere of contemporary furniture: a simple but

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Works of art in wool

In the mountains of Carnia, in the small village of Comeglians, there is the only hand-tufting workshop in Italy, where a local craftswoman creates original

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