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Details make the difference
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Details make the difference

Bechome explores interior decor world to discover excellence.

Bechome is a guide about made in Italy design, handicraft and art.

Bechome leads your search and selection of accessories and furnishings.

Because details make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary!

I’m Claudia Berro and I’m a home personal shopper.

I help people who want to make their home beautiful find the perfect items.

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Plumage piastrelle porcellana

Dreamlike ceramics

Walls decorated with porcelain feathers that create a striking and exclusive ambience. Hold on…is this a mosaic or woodwork? They are hand-crafted tiles manufactured in

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Thomas Stearn alla Venini - Il Cappello del Doge

Designer glass

Thinking about an unconventional trip to Venice that ventures away from the usual tourist routes? How about some leisure time in an art centre? Just

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La boutique di tessuti nel cuore di Venezia

Stilish textiles

Chiarastella Cattana’s boutique in the heart of Venice is a fine and elegant shop, bright and welcoming: the perfect place to showcase her textile creations. 

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